USICCS supports research tasks at the technological know-how of design, verification, operation, usage, quiz help assessment of computers through novel approaches, strong theories, high leverage tools, quiz help lasting concepts. Such advances may offer fashions, methods, languages, logics, novel software artifacts, algorithms exam help enable new or more advantageous functionality, quiz help formal methods quiz help tools for the design, implementation, quiz help verification of computers quiz help their functions. The USICCS program seeks transformative ideas that reformulate the courting between necessities, layout, quiz help evolution of program quiz help application extensive programs. The program welcomes research tasks focusing on program analysis quiz help synthesis, compositionality, verifiability quiz help certifiability of program, in addition to analysis on static, dynamic, purposeful quiz help non useful evaluation quiz help testing strategies in all degrees of the program life cycle. USICCS helps basic research on formal quiz help semi formal strategies for the specification, advancement, quiz help verification of software programs. The program seeks proposals that enhance the applicability, usability, quiz help effectivity of options comparable to model checking, theorem proving, computerized determination procedures, static analysis quiz help constraint fixing.