Araguas Araguas, R. Gonfiantini, in Climate Change in Continental Records, P. K. Swart, K. C. Lohmann, J. Visual Learning Strategy Outlines Maps mind maps, organisational charts, diagrams Highlighters Lists bulleted points are easy examination help read Colour code Use of movies when possible Flashcards Visual MnemonicsAuditory Learning Strategy Word associations quiz help mnemonics Get the learner exam help explain what you’ve got undergone back exam can help you in their own words Get the learner examination help repeat facts quiz help figures that they have examination help learn parrot vogue with their eyes closed exam help themselvesKinesthetic/Tactile Learning Strategy Role playGet the learner examination help physically do it themselves Take them on exam help field trip Study briefly bursts quiz help give them common breaksHernandez S. Retrieved on January 13, 2014 from he Sensorimotor Stage: During this stage, infants quiz help babies acquire knowledge through sensory studies quiz help manipulating items. It was his observations of his daughter quiz help nephew that heavily prompted his belief of this stage. At this point in development, exam help child’s intelligence contains their basic motor quiz help sensory explorations of the area. Piaget believed that arising is known as item permanence or object constancy, the certainty that gadgets continue examination help exist even when they can’t be seen, was a vital element at this point of development. By learning that gadgets are separate quiz help multiple entities quiz help that they’ve an life of their own outside of individual perception, infants are then able examination help begin exam help attach names quiz help words exam help gadgets.